About Me

Katie’s acting career started in Davis, California doing community theatre. Katie adored musicals and at first wanted a career on Broadway in New York. Being in a military family, Katie’s family had to travel at a moments notice. Because of this, she could meet new people and explore new theatres.

​In 2009, she decided to transition into film. She started taking lessons wherever she could and joined up with Calliope Talent in San Antonio. She auditioned through them for two years and landed her first supporting role in the film, Bucher Boys, a year later. After that, Katie’s love for film grew even stronger.

​After some hard thinking, Katie decided that she wanted to learn more about film and applied to the New York Film Academy one year conservatory program. She was the only woman in her section to be chosen for the honors program that performed a short play at the Players Club in 2011.

When the program was over, she learned that if she did another year in Los Angeles, she would get an associates degree in fine arts. Katie was more interested in seeing how Los Angeles was in comparison to New York than getting a degree. It was during this second year that Katie discovered a second passion; writing.

She enjoyed coming up with short scenes in between her acting studies. Once the second year was over, she graduated with an Associates in performing arts and the decision to continue her acting career in Los Angeles.

She continued to audition for short films and background rolls in several films. In 2014, she was given an opportunity to work as an associate producer on a short film, OUTPOST.

 After the film was completed, she discovered that she enjoyed working as a producer. Soon after, she joined up with PiePie Productions. She worked as an associate producer with them for 2 years before departing with them in 2017.

 Now she works in LA doing auditions and working to produce some of her own scripts.