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About Me

I’m a girl who loves to play in the shadows. Even when I was a child, I loved all things spooky and creepy. Every year, my mom and I would always argue when the best time to put up Halloween decorations was - the best time is mid July just so you know.


As a homeschooled military kid, I had lots of opportunities to explore my passion, which at the time was musical theater. Not too long after that, I started taking more of an interest in film acting. This led me to my first agent and booking my first horror feature written by Kim Henkel, one of the writers on “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”. To paraphrase from horror legend Robert Englund, “That’s when Horror chose me.”


After graduating from The New York Film Academy and moving to LA, I dove head first into the business. In 2014, a very dear friend of mine, Justin Giddings, asked if I could help with his sci-fi short film, Outpost. I thought “Why not,” and hopped on board. It was this experience that made me love the art of filmmaking and I just knew that I had to make my own stories - there’s a lot of them swirling around in my head.


I am still living in sunny LA - but don’t worry, I still stick to the shadows - and I am looking forward to sharing my newest project “Only You” that I wrote and starred in and was produced by Savvy Jaye and Angela Dirkesen of Jazzy Angel Productions.

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