Katie Patterson


Shine On!                                       Lead                                 Dir: Santiago Claver

Coal Hearts                                    Lead                                Dir: Vilma Valladares

The Land of Oz                              Lead                                 Dir: Kenneth Mader
Outta CTRL                                   Supporting                     Dir: Roe Moore

Anger Management                     Supporting                      Dir: Steven Torres
Butcher Boys                                Supporting                      Dir: Duane Graves
Citizen K-9                                    Supporting                      Dir: Susan Lee
Annabelle                                      Day Player                       Dir: Nekhia Taylor
Unsolicited                                    Day Player                       Dir: Gabriela Anez


Dead Cat Café (9 Episodes)       Series Lead                    WEB SERIES/Josh Buono
Video Game High School           Recurring                       YOUTUBE/Various
Kung Fu Femmes Part 9            Guest Star                       INTERNET/Tony Laudati

THEATRE (Partial List)
Pillow Talk                                     Tiffany Haven              The Players Club (NYC)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream    Titania                           TexArts (TX)
Much Ado About Nothing           Hero                               TexArts (TX)
Marat/Sade                                    Kokol                              The ZACH (TX)
Beauty and the Beast                   Babette                           The Wichita (TX)

Acting:                    The Lyndon Technique - Privates w/Amy Lyndon, Ryan Welsh,                                            Ken Lerner, Mona Lee (TX), Paul Warner (NYC)
Comedy:                 George McGrath
Commercials:        Judy Kain
Voiceover:              Julie Maddalena - Animation

Singing:                   Pop, Country, Musicals (w/Suzi Stern)
Dance:                     Ballet, Jazz
Sports:                     Ice Hockey, Ice Skating, Roller Blading, Swimming        
Additional:              Southern & Texan Dialects